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A legacy for a supreme taste and quality, a tribute to the “champion” after whom our range of teas were named, a selection of our most exquisite teas and creations. A centre of triumph coupled with adherence to principle. Found by the offspring of Victor. The product is of consistent devotion to quality, detail and perseverance. Skillfully balancing the delicate nuances and fragrances that originate from the aroma and flavor of a carefully handpicked assortment of tea, to delight your experience.

1. Ceylon White Tea (metal canister) No flavor

Pure virgin white tea from the southern slopes of Sri Lanka contains the most amount of natural anti oxidants of over 10%; a subtle aroma with a very mild taste is a wonderful beverage to revive you at any time of the day.

Ingredients: - Pure Ceylon White Tea

2. Milky Oolong Tea (metal canister) No flavor

Pure Oolong tea is from the Wuyi Mountains of Fujian province in northern china. Semi fermented, wrap-curled in to small beads, this clear Oolong liquor posses a unique & milky hint & a pleasant aftertaste, it is very different to other traditional Oolong teas.

Ingredients: - Pure Chinese Tea

3. Darjeeling Tea (metal canister) No flavor

Pure Darjeeling golden tip whole leaf tea is from the Himalaya Mountain region of north India. This “first flush” seasonal tea possesses a classic muscatel flavor not found in any other origin of tea.

Ingredients: - Pure Darjeeling Tea

4. English Breakfast, pure Ceylon Tea (carton) No flavor

Classic black tea of the finest quality, carefully selected from the best plantations in Sri Lanka. A popular blend of tea, known around the world for its full-body, rich taste and aroma. A must have beverage that complements your breakfast.

Ingredients: - Ceylon high mountain black tea

5. Golden Honey Rooi boos (carton)

A neatly cut fine leaf from the wild South African herbal bush called ‘Rooiboos’. Together with honey gives that sweet punch to keep you refreshed throughout the day.

Ingredients: - pure South African Rooiboos with honey fragrance

6. Fruits N’ Flowers (carton)

A combination of exotic flowers, roots and wild berries make up this sweet & sour yet tangy beverage. A prefect beverage served hot or cold, its pure refreshment.

Ingredients: - Hibiscus, Rosehip & Liquorish with Wild Berry fragrance

7. Pure Ceylon Gunpowder (carton) No flavor

A deliciously luxurious green tea with bright yellow liquor that is rich in antioxidants, the tender leaves are carefully rolled to a traditional Chinese method to produce this curly leaf that resembles the gunpowder of the bygone era which is the secret of its exceptional flavor.

Ingredients: - pure Ceylon Green tea

8. Pure Ceylon Earl Gray (carton)

We have created our own unique premium version of the world’s favorite type of tea. A blend of Ceylon’s finest black tea with oil extracted from the citrus bergamot fruit to create this traditional yet exhilarating blend fit for nobility.

Ingredients: - Pure Ceylon black tea with Bergamot fragrance

9. Lemon tea (carton)

Fresh and tangy, the taste of this citrus flavored green tea has a life of its own. Experience it and be enthralled. Best served a hot or cold beverage, it is perfection.

Ingredients: - Green tea flavored with sweet lemon fragrance.

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